Matt Vrhovac,

Guided Surgery Specialist

Matt has an impressive 16 year career in the dental lab community, including the completion of  J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College's Dental Tech Program. He has an extensive range of experience working in fixed / removable implant restorations, from single unit to full mouth rehabilitation.


Brian Lee,

Guided Surgery Specialist

Brian graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and worked for three years at the Ralph Lauren Company. He returned to North Carolina, joined the Absolute Dental Services staff, and became a founding member of NavaGation as a Guided Surgery Specialist.


Tyler Huff,

Vice President

Tyler graduated with a BS in both Biochemistry and Chemistry from the College of Charleston. His time spent as a Production Manager and Dental Technician has given him a detailed and thoroughly impressive knowledge of the industry. He is also an expert in sales.


Savannah Moore,
Guided Surgery Coordinator

Savannah is a North Carolina native who moved to the Triangle in 2014. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of 2020 and joined the Navagation team one year later. In her free time she enjoys playing golf, eating spicy food, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Nick Lutze,

Guided Surgery Technician

Nick was born in Dallas, Texas, and got his start in the Dental industry making dentures. In 2012, he moved to Raleigh and joined the staff of Absolute Dental Service. Through the years, Nick has honed his skills and become a highly respected technician on the NavaGation staff.


Louis Costanzo,

Guided Surgery Technician

Louis graduated from UNC Greensboro with an MFA in Theatrical Production Design in 2016. After several years in the entertainment industry, he came to Absolute in 2019. Louis is now a technician in the Guided Surgery department.


Rick Meaney,

Guided Surgery Technician

Rick is a former graphic designer and web developer. After moving to North Carolina seeking a change in scenery, he decided to take a new career path with Absolute Dental Services, where he is now a Guided Surgical Technician in the NavaGation Department.