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If you are a surgeon looking for a simplified surgical solution and conversion process… you have come to the right place!


Every NavaGation™ Synergy case is planned based off the final prosthetic requirements and designed from a true diagnostic work-up. 

Dr Mark Ludlow

We have been using Absolute Dental Lab for our full arch procedures exclusively now for nearly 2 years and have had recommend them highly.  We have been able to increase our cases by several fold through our partnership because they facilitate every step with the surgical and restorative specialist using their fully digital workflow.  This protocol makes the surgery appointment much more efficient and decreases appointments and total chair which benefits the patient and as well as the profitability of the case.  I will not perform a full arch case in the traditional way again without the digital protocol again. 

Dr. Drane A. Oliphant

"With the Synergy guided surgery protocol/system; Absolute Dental has given me, as a surgeon, a predictable efficient system to treat full-arch cases. Our patients love the results!"

Dr Aaron Sarathy

The haptic feedback I get from the SLM guides is invaluable"

Mark Suttle DDS, MS

"The NavaGation team is “absolutely” outstanding! Their chairside experience and exceptional Synergy solution truly supports me and my patients with excellence!"

Patrick McDonough, DDS

"No occlusal adjustment was done! Pretty amazing system!"

Dr. Jeffery Ganeles

"The Navagation protocol is a very unique, digitally planned, fully guided surgical, restorative, and laboratory approach for immediate full-arch implant reconstruction. It makes the surgical placement of implants and immediate prosthetic conversion very precise because the fit of the guide is very accurate. The details taken into account on the planning phase makes the process very reliable for the patient, restorative dentist, and implant surgeon. Completely eliminates all the guesswork."

Jose I. Arauz DMD

"I have worked with Absolute Labs for the last several years in designing surgical implant guides for my patients. Their team is always professional, helpful and thoughtful.  I have been very happy with our ability to set timely meetings and plan and fabricate high quality surgical guides to help provide great care for our patients."

Adam D. Serlo DMD, MD