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Guided Surgical Solutions

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40+ Implant 


3,000+ Cases 

Fabricated in 2021

Surgeries completed in 44 


8,000+ Synergy

Cases Completed

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About NavaGation




Dr. Richard Martin

"NavaGation has been incredibly helpful to me. They are A1! I really appreciate it."


Dr. Christian Yaste

The results achieved using these systems with a carefully planned, coordinated, and executed surgical and prosthetic workflow have made free-handed techniques obsolete for most clinicians.  NavaGation Synergy and Absolute Dental Lab provide everything I need to deliver spectacular outcomes for my AOX patients through their full arch stackable guide solution and their team is second to none. 


Dr. Michael Porter

"NavaGation Synergy smoothly takes full arch rehabilitation into the digital age. It takes the guesswork out for the surgeon and the restorative doc, while making everything streamlined and predictable."

Dr. Luiz Gonzaga,UF Dentistry.jpg

Dr. Luiz Gonzaga

"This double jaw synergy case was awesome, surgery went great and to say thank you to the team.  Extremely difficult case on a 17 year old ectodermal dysplasia patient with mandibular jaw advancement."


Dr. John Kim

"To be honest, this review is long overdue. I have had a good working relationship with Absolute Dental for several years. I cannot say enough positive things about the whole team as they truly do their best to make sure my patients are well taken care of. In a time where life is so busy, it has truly been a blessing to be able to do our planning sessions online. As I am further away, this is especially important. Speaking of importance, I really have to specifically thank Kelsey Gray. From day 1, she has always made me feel very comfortable. She has always been very accommodating to my busy schedule. I truly value her expertise when it comes to digital planning for simple and very complex cases. In the world of dentistry, we can only provide the best care for our patients with teamwork. Often the success of a treatment is only credited to the dentist(s) which is not fair. When I have a successful implant case via the digital workflow, Kelsey and her team are the main reason. If you want to work with very knowledgeable and friendly people, I would strongly recommend Absolute Dental. Please contact me if you ever have any questions. Thank you!"


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