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What is NavaGation?

Significantly Reduced Tissue Reflections

UKF (Unilateral Key Fixation) reduces the amount of bone seating volume by 80% without sacrificing stability of the base frame. Being buccal only, allows for minimal tissue reflection for efficient seating of the Bone Plane Reference while aiding in patient recovery with decreased tissue morbidity.

Fast and Accurate Seating of Bone Plane Reference

The UKF is fixated on two distinct reflected areas (10*12mm in size). The triangulation of the positioning is accomplished by utilizing a tooth, bone or mucosa aligner. This feature allows proper positioning before removing all of the remaining dentition or significant landmarks. The extremely accurate, dual verified seating process allows for a streamlined, efficient surgical and conversion experience.

True Sequential Workflow

A true sequential workflow allows the surgeon to complete the Synergy surgery without the need to check occlusion. The conversion process is guided by the accurate seating of the Bone Plane Reference and not by closing the patient into occlusion by hand with a nose-chin measured vertical. In the case of a dual arch, the entire case is converted simultaneously. 


On average with our Synergy Guided Workflow, a dentate single arch case (surgery to conversion) is regularly completed in approximately 140 minutes including conversion of the PMMA transitional prosthesis. Dual arch cases are regularly completed in approximately 4 hours.

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