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Synergy Guides


Tooth / Mucosa Guides



Periosteum Guide

Designates areas to clean periosteum by creating vertical incisions where the UKF contacts the bone. This is an optional step. 

Bone Plane Reference 

Engages undercut and seats against the facial bone in two distinct positions. This serves as the reference for bone reduction and latching in all the subsequent guides. 

Incision or periostium guide.jpg

Tooth Aligner

Base frame and tooth aligner.jpg

The tooth aligner and Bone Plane Reference work together to triangulate into its correct position prior to fixation. It seats on teeth (Dentate patients) or bone/tissue (Edentulous patients). Windows are provided in the guide to verify its complete seating.

Abutment Aligner

The abutment aligner is used to place Multi-Unit Abutments in the correct orientation. The angled screw access holes should follow the index lines marked on the Abutment Aligner. It could also be used to verify accurate and complete bone reduction. 

Base frame and abutment aligner (2).jpg

Osteotomy/Drill Guide

Used for drilling osteotomies and fully guided implant placement. Implants are placed using index on guide to time the correct rotation of each implant. 

Base frame and Drill guide.jpg

Scalloping Guide

Used as a bone profiling reference for FP1 (Crown & Bridge) cases. 


Surgical PMMA

Temporary prosthesis to be picked up at time of surgery and worn until the patient is ready for the final restoration. 

PMMA upper.jpg

Back Up Denture

Backup denture used when the case cannot be immediately loaded during surgery. 


Scan Appliance

A printed device that may resemble a surgical guide or try-in with radiographic

markers attached. Used to establish a reference for model-matching in the CBCT

scans that have a lot of scatter due to metallic restorations. 



Maximize the predictability of your temporization. The surgical Pro-Temp works in tandem with guided surgery, providing a pre-planned emergence profile. The Pro-Temp also holds the crowns in place during pickup. 

Pro temp 1 -edit.png

Tooth & Mucosa Guides

Tooth Guide

A tooth-borne guide is a surgical device that sits on the patient's natural existing teeth.  This guide can be fabricated using Polyvinyl and Poly Ether impression material as well as Digital impressions. It is used to guide implant placement in the edentulous sites of dentate cases.


Mucosa Guide

A mucosa guide is a surgical device for placing implants that sits on the patients existing gingiva and should include the rugae of the palate.  This can be fabricated from a cbct of the denture or a Digital impression of the patient's well-fitting denture. It is used to guide implant placement in edentulous cases.


Carbon Fiber Guides

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