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Carbon Fiber Guides

Solvay KetaSpire AM CF10 (10% Carbon-Fiber Reinforced PEEK) HC is a healthcare grade, high-performance polymer.

Polyether Ether Ketone has been used in the dental industry for years to manufacture hybrid frameworks, componentry, and even implants. Recent developments in additive manufacturing have provided us the ability to print surgical guides and base frames in PEEK. With the advent of Solvay's KetaSpire AM CF10 filament, we can 3D print guides in 10% carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK. This is a tremendous advantage in strength and stiffness.

In addition, commonly used surgical guide resins only meet biocompatibility standards after the guide has been fully cured and cleaned. Any waste material on the guide is not considered safe for tissue contact. Healthcare grade filaments meet biocompatibility standards before, after, and during the production process. Also note that commonly used surgical guide resins may deform at relatively low temperatures, whereas Solvay's KetaSpire AM CF10 HC is designed for high-temperature applications. 

See the chart below for material comparison!

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